And Beyond

Above & Beyond 2017 Award

Chantal Canet-Jeanton - France

“Stemtech is a reliable, visionary Company that always innovates, thus offering exceptional food supplements. It enabled me to change my life and many people's lives. It's by helping people to succeed that we succeed ourselves” - says Chantal, one of our most successful IBPs in Europe. For six years now with Stemtech, the Triple Diamond Director admits that she has have an amazing life… “I travel wherever and whenever I want. Helping others to live as I'm living, to regain physical and financial welfare, brings happiness. Enthusiasm, help, sharing and perseverance are the keys of my success. With Stemtech, everything is possible!”

Michel Patry - France

“Why join Stemtech? What changed with Stemtech?” poses a question Michel, our successful Double Diamond Business Partner, and adds that “Stemtech is above all a unique opportunity to improve wellness, as well as the quality of life for those who wish it”. Today, my life has changed! Today, I'm not only travelling in France but also all-around Europe to meet those who are willing to invest in themselves, those who have chosen action instead of stagnation, those who want to go up on the social ladder! - says Michel. With this award, Stemtech wants to thank Chantal Canet-Jeanton and Michel Patry for bringing positive attitude and uplifting message to the network every day. Developments become easier to complete, changes become easier to implement and challenges become easier to overcome with a positive power like this. The world of business survives not only on leadership skills but also on the commitment and dedication of passionate Business Partners like you. Thank you for all you do! We applaud Chantal Canet-Jeanton and Michel Patry for their relentless effort in growing their business and wish even higher achievements in their business ventures and personal lives!